Nope (2022)

This article contains spoilers for Jordan Peele’s Nope. Nope, written, directed, and produced by Jordan Peele, sees Daniel Kaluuya team up with the filmmaker once again, this time, playing Otis “OJ” Haywood Jr., the son of a ranch owner and Hollywood horse trainer, played by Keith David. KeKe Palmer plays OJ’s sister Emerald Haywood, Steven Yeun plays former child star/current amusement park owner Ricky “Jupe” … Continue reading Nope (2022)

Deliverance: Man vs Nature vs the Nature of Man

In 1972, Deliverance burst onto the big screen, ultimately earning critical acclaim. It’s not a film that one would immediately think to rewatch. It’s known particularly for the dueling banjo’s scene and the infamous rape scene. However, it’s themes of man versus nature, city versus country, power dynamics and the nature of man make it a very compelling rewatch. Man versus nature is one of … Continue reading Deliverance: Man vs Nature vs the Nature of Man