A Face in the Crowd (1957): Why This Film is Still Painfully Relevant 63 Years Later

A man rises to power by appealing to middle America only to become corrupt by corporations and politicians, and behind closed doors, badmouths all those that support him. Sound familiar? Surprisingly, no, this is not about our current political situation here in the United States. A Face in the Crowd is a film from 1957, written by Budd Schulberg and directed by Elia Kazan, and stars … Continue reading A Face in the Crowd (1957): Why This Film is Still Painfully Relevant 63 Years Later

90s Flashback: Total Recall (1990)

Honestly, I forgot how fun this stupid movie is. For those that don’t know, Total Recall is a 1990 science fiction film, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Quaid, a construction worker who soon finds out that his life is not what it seems. The film also stars Sharon Stone as Quaid’s’ supposed wife, Lori,  Rachel Ticotin as Quaid’s real love Melina, and Ronny Cox as the evil … Continue reading 90s Flashback: Total Recall (1990)

Black Christmas (2019): An Absolute Mess of a 70s Classic

I was finally able to watch the 2019 remake of Black Christmas. I thought it was only fair, as with most remakes, to look at the film as its own entity, separate from its namesake. So, that’s what I did. I sat down and watched the film, not thinking about the original 1974 film. And, even looking at this 2019 film as its own thing, the … Continue reading Black Christmas (2019): An Absolute Mess of a 70s Classic

38. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)

Two Americans searching for work in Mexico convince an old prospector to help them mine for gold in the Sierra Madre Mountains. Written and directed by John Huston, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre stars Humphrey Bogart, Walter Huston, and Tim Holt as three men looking to strike gold in Mexico. But, the film easily becomes about the corrupting influence of greed. Bogart plays Fred C. … Continue reading 38. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)

Films That Have Not Aged Well: Hackers (1995)

You know, the makers of Hackers didn’t even seem to know anything about the internet when they made the film. So, it’s no surprise to literally any body that this film about teenage hackers did not age well.  Hackers is a 1995 crime film that focuses on a group of teenage hackers who unknowingly become involved in a corporate extortion conspiracy. The film stars Jonny Lee Miller … Continue reading Films That Have Not Aged Well: Hackers (1995)

90s Flashback: Waiting for Guffman (1996)

If you are not familiar with the films of Christopher Guest, please for the love of god familiarize yourself with them. He is a genius when it comes to making “mockumentaries”. Waiting for Guffman is his 1996 mockumentary about small town musical theater. And, as a person who is familiar with small town musical theater, he hits the nail on the head in every aspect of the … Continue reading 90s Flashback: Waiting for Guffman (1996)

Notoriously Bad Films: Battlefield Earth (2000)

If I drank every time a Dutch angle was used in this film, I would be drunk by minute twenty. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a film so awful in my entire life. And that’s saying something because the last film I watched for this series was Super Mario Bros. The film Battlefield Earth is based on the L Ron Hubbard novel of the same name. … Continue reading Notoriously Bad Films: Battlefield Earth (2000)

Midnight Movie: Satanic Panic (2019)

If you’re looking to watch an entertaining film around 12:00 AM, might I suggest Satanic Panic. Satanic Panic is a horror comedy directed by Chelsea Stardust, starring Rebecca Romijn as Danica Ross, the leader of a satanic coven, and Hayley Griffith as Samantha “Sam” Craft, the unsuspecting pizza delivery girl about to be used as a virgin sacrifice. This film was clearly made to be a midnight movie, … Continue reading Midnight Movie: Satanic Panic (2019)

Movie Going in the Time of Covid

Prior to covid, my escape from my anxiety was usually going to the movies. I’d remove myself from my reality by getting lost in the reality of a film in a dark theater. Obviously, due to Covid-19, this has not been possible for many months. And, arguably, should still not be possible.  I traveled to another county to have that “movie theater experience” again. Now, … Continue reading Movie Going in the Time of Covid

Midnight Movie: Jason X (2001)

There was a really weird couple of years in the early 2000s where it seemed like every horror franchise decided that the best way for them to advance the series was to do a film in space. The Friday the 13th series was not exempt from this rule, unfortunately. So, we’ve been blessed (cursed?) with Jason X. This film is a masterclass in bad screenwriting and completely … Continue reading Midnight Movie: Jason X (2001)