That Old Picture Show Rating System

What’s in a name?

This rose rating system is inspired by my last name, Rose, but also by the traditional flower given after a performance to show ones appreciation. Although traditionally you wouldn’t give a wilted rose to signify your distaste for a performance, in this case I’ve got no qualms about using the flowers for delivering some truth.

Roses can signify a great show and those deserving could receive the ultimate dozen, but I will certainly give you a thorny, dead rose if your performance was a sore disappointment. Here’s how my rating system works:


A dozen roses – a spectacular film worthy of a shower of flowers or at least a dozen roses. A bouquet and a standing ovation from me! A must see film! Thought provoking, well crafted, enriching and transformative.


A few roses – great, memorable, moments of brilliance


A single rose – good, interesting concept/execution


A bud – flawed had more potential than developed into, mediocre


Wilted rose – disappointing, regrettable, frustrating


A dying rose – fail, shameful, gouge my eyes out with the thorns of the stem! How do I get back the time I wasted?!

I want to thank the wonderful Joy Zaykoski for working with me to, not only design my logo, but also this rating system (that was entirely her idea and I was so excited about it).

You can find this lovely human online on her website or on her Instagram.

She is tremendously talented and I recommend hiring her for all your graphic design needs!

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