31. The Maltese Falcon (1941)

A private detective takes on a case that involves him with three eccentric criminals, a gorgeous liar, and their quest for a priceless statuette. I wonder if John Huston had any idea how much of a classic his directorial debut would be? The Maltese Falcon stars Humphrey Bogart as Private Investigator Sam Spade, Mary Astor as the femme fatale Brigid O’Shaughnessy, Gladys George as Iva Archer, Peter … Continue reading 31. The Maltese Falcon (1941)

37. The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)

Three World War II veterans return home to small-town America to discover that they and their families have been irreparably changed. I so wish this film dove deeper than it does. The Best Years of Our Lives, directed by William Wyler and written by Robert E. Sherwood, only scratches the surface of what life for returning veterans.  All three veterans in the film are dealing with … Continue reading 37. The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)

38. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)

Two Americans searching for work in Mexico convince an old prospector to help them mine for gold in the Sierra Madre Mountains. Written and directed by John Huston, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre stars Humphrey Bogart, Walter Huston, and Tim Holt as three men looking to strike gold in Mexico. But, the film easily becomes about the corrupting influence of greed. Bogart plays Fred C. … Continue reading 38. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)

Movie Musical Monday: On the Town

And, we’re back with Movie Musical Monday’s! I just had to start off the New Year with an MGM Golden Age Musical On the Town, starring my favorites, Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra. And, let’s not forget Betty Garrett and Ann Miller. I think it’s clear, right away, that I do love this film. Honestly, I love anything that allows me to watch Gene Kelly … Continue reading Movie Musical Monday: On the Town