Revisiting Disney : Robin Hood (1973)

Honestly, I can’t tell when the last time was that I watched this film. I had to be a young child. So, obviously, it’s never been one of my favorites. Although, I do know that it is tremendously loved as a part of the Disney animated film library.

Here are my thoughts: it’s good, but not great. I will say that this film and Robin Hood: Men In Tights are the only two Robin Hood films that I will watch, as the rest tend to bore me. Although, this Robin Hood didn’t necessarily hold my attention, either. Maybe I just have an aversion to the tale of Robin Hood…

The characters are all very well fleshed out and the action sequences are good. It’s troubling to see so much reused animation, like Maid Marion’s entire dance sequence, although it does make sense. First, these classic Disney animated films are all incredibly detailed, from the characters to the back drops, all hand drawn and painted. So, reusing animation from previous films makes sense as the entire process is quite time consuming. Second, this film was the last from Disney’s Nine Old Men, all original animators. This film was also made shortly before Don Bluth and a bunch of other animators walked out on the Walt Disney Company, generally fed up. So, in that respect it makes sense that animation would be reused.

Look, the film is good. Would I watch it over and over? No, probably not. But, it’s definitely a Disney classic that will continue to be loved by generations to come.

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