I have been feeling very disheartened for the past couple of months with the state of the Film Industry in the United States.

It’s why I didn’t write about Barbie, even though I saw it twice in theaters. It’s why I didn’t write about Oppenheimer. It’s why I didn’t write about my experience with a Barbenheimer double feature (so much fun. Was correct: Oppenheimer first, Barbie second). It’s why I haven’t written anything about the WGA strike or the SAG-AFTRA strikes or the possible IATSE strike on the horizon. During this time, there’s been a lack of industry news, so naturally anything that does come out is amplified. Although not surprised, I have been disappointed by some of those in the industry, watching them destroy years of perfect PR crafting in just seconds. Again, although not surprised like literally at all, it’s still exhausting to hear.

So, I haven’t been writing. But, I’m feeling slightly refreshed. I don’t think it’s the fact that the WGA and the AMPTP have come to an agreement, but it could be part of it. Hell, it could be because I showed my husband the film A Face in the Crowd and we all know how hyped I get about that film whenever I rewatch it. Whatever it is, I’ll take it.

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