Frozen II Soundtrack Release

Good morning, all!

We all woke up today with the wonderful news that the Frozen II soundtrack has been released. You bet I listened to it as soon as possible. In fact, I just finished listening to it. I may or may not have been crying at my desk at my day job. (I definitely was)

Let’s talk about it, briefly, shall we?

Tonally, the soundtrack for the sequel fits with the soundtrack for the original. It’s a perfect partner. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and her husband, Robert Lopez, have struck gold again, with a soundtrack composed of varying styles that all blend together into one cohesive narrative.

The power in Idina Menzel’s voice still astonishes me. She is able to convey so much emotion. I don’t even need the visuals of the film to be moved by the songs “Into the Unknown” and “Show Yourself”. Which, honestly, just means that I’m in more trouble when I do actually get to see the film, because those scenes are now sure to WRECK ME.

Kristen Bell, once again, pulls at my heartstrings with her cry singing.

Josh Gad is another actor who is able to convey so much with just his vocals. I have no idea what the visuals will be for Olaf’s song “When I Am Older”, but I can tell you that I will be laughing. Just listening to the song had me cracking up.

I still need to listen to the score, composed by the marvelous Christophe Beck, but I’m certain that it will be nothing short of beautiful.


You can listen to the soundtrack now all all major music streaming apps.

Frozen II will be in theaters on November 22nd.

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