Hobo with a Shotgun (2011): A Ridiculous B-Movie Masterpiece

Hello, hello, hello. Welcome to the New Year. I realize that the January is nearly over and I have not posted anything. But that is with good reason. I moved apartments! I moved into a bigger place that is closer to my work and has a washer and dryer IN-UNIT. I’m pretty psyched. Now, I’ve been trying to organize my writing space, and I’ve started to write two or three other posts. But, I have yet to finish one. I thought it was because I didn’t yet have a writing space that felt comfortable enough where I could write. But I was wrong. I haven’t been able to finish writing a post because I had yet to watch a movie that I really wanted to talk about. That is, until now. Ladies, gentlemen and variations thereupon, I have watched a masterpiece. I have finally watched Hobo with a Shotgun.

To those unfamiliar with the work, I present to you the film’s trailer:


Now, this film started off as a faux trailer in the film Grindhouse. It gained so much traction that, before we knew it, we had a full film starring Rutger Hauer, nonetheless. Hobo with a Shotgun is exactly what it sounds like. There’s nothing else to it. It’s about a hobo who is fed up with the filth he sees in his city, purchases a shot gun (instead of the lawnmower he has been dreaming about), and begins a reign of vigilante justice.  It is incredible.

The film, written by John Davies and directed by Jason Eisner, is a B Movie dream. There are an endless amount of plot holes, but you never really seem to care. The use of practical effects and buckets of fake blood are to be admired. And the villain of the story, Drake, played by Brian Downey, is Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet without the nitrous oxide and there is no convincing me otherwise.

I love this film. I love the number of solid one-liners this film has. I love the practical effects. And I even love all of the gaping plot holes.

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