Comfort Films in a Time of Uncertainty

If you are anything like me, your anxiety is through the roof with everything going on.  Trying to cope with my compulsions (for those that don’t know, I am diagnosed obsessive compulsive) has been nearly unbearable and almost completely debilitating at times. I’ve had an overwhelming sense of losing control and have struggled often with fighting off anxiety attacks. One of the things I can control, though, is what I watch with my abundance of free time. I’ve been watching “newer” movies, i.e. films from last year that I didn’t get the chance to see in theaters. But, sometimes, those don’t even put me at ease. So, I find films that comfort me.

Putting on Hook, Jurassic Park, or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory immediately brings me a sense of comfort. I don’t know if it’s the films themselves or the memories that I have attached to them. But, either way, putting on The Wizard of Oz immediately brings me a sense of being home (which there is no place like…). Any time that I feel like the world is spiraling, I watch one of my comfort films and it puts me at ease almost immediately.

So, I want to know, during this stressful time, what are some of your comfort films? What are your go-to’s? Which films can you watch over and over again that bring you a sense of solace?


And, for those that are curious, some of my comfort films are:

Jurassic Park
Willy Wonka
The Wizard of Oz
When Harry Met Sally
Good Burger
Mary Poppins
A Goofy Movie
Daddy Day Care
The Mummy


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