Nobody (2021)

If you’re looking to watch a film that’s a good time with a solid plot and some fun characters, then absolutely watch the Nobody Streaming: How To Watch The Bob Odenkirk Movie - CINEMABLENDfilm Nobody. Written by the same man who wrote the John Wick films (Derek Kolstad), Nobody follows Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk), a seemingly ordinary man who lives a seemingly routine life working in construction. When his house gets broken into, and his family’s lives are in danger, he does not fight back the way he wants to. So, fed up with everything and wanting to redeem himself, he helps an innocent woman on the bus who is being harassed. Those doing the harassing are also involved with a vengeful drug lord (Aleksey Serebryakov), which Hutch is unaware of as he beats the ever-loving shit out of them.

As excited as I was to see this film (I love me some Odenkirk), I was nervous that Nobody would be the same tired narrative that we have seen time and time again: a man, who feels emasculated somehow, becomes very violent and self destructive in order to “make himself feel like a man again”. Thankfully, this film was nothing like that.

A perfect amount of mystery was kept throughout the 92 minute run time. The character ofNobody - Catholic News Service Hutch Mansell was so likeable. You just want to know what his secret is. Who was he before the start of the film? Kolstad does such a wonderful job threading that mystery throughout the story. That same mystery even carries over to other members of the Mansell family: from Hutch’s wife, Becca Mansell (Connie Nielson) to his father, David Mansell (Christopher Lloyd) and even to his brother, Harry Mansell (RZA). Everybody’s got a secret. And the audience is only partly in on it.

All in all, this film was such a fun time. Whether watching it in a theater (highly recommend. Safely, of course) or watching it On Demand in your own home, you won’t be disappointed. I promise.

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