Films to Hold in HIGH regard

Have any of you ever watched The Matrix while high? How about Videodrome? Or even Godspell

There is something completely different that occurs when watching a film under the influence of good ol’ Mary Jane. In some cases, I’m utterly lost within the first 10 minutes while in others I’m not only following along with the film, I’m absolutely enthralled by everything about it. In some cases, watching a film high creates a whole different, fun experience. For example, did any of you see the film Cats when it was released? That film already felt like a fever dream. Now, imagine being with a group of friends and taking an edible and then watching Cats


The key, I think, to picking out a good film to watch high is that the film already needs to feel like a fever dream or be made for stoners (looking at you Harold and Kumar and Dude, Where’s My Car?). Either that or the subject matter needs to be that of a distorted reality. Because that kind of film will mess you up and cause you to question literally EVERYTHING. 

 I recently sought out and purchased the 1993 film Super Mario Bros for this exact reason. I have yet to have the time to watch it, as work has been kicking my ass lately. But, I’ll be sure to report back once I’ve experienced the film in all it’s glory. 

Fellow movie/marijuana lovers: what films have you found to be a trip while watching high? Let me know. 

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