I just have a couple questions about the 1978 Halloween…

Disclaimer: I love the film. Always have. That being said, I have a lot of questions.

1. Why does nobody turn on lights? Who just walks around a house in darkness?

2. Why is there a jack-o-lantern next to the bed at the Wallace’s house?

3. Why does Laurie keep throwing the knife away?

4. How does Loomis not hear Laurie scream?

5. Why is Laurie even friends with those people? They’re awful to her.

6. How does Michael have the time to perfectly place those dead teenagers for Laurie to find?

7. Follow up question: how does he rig the bodies so the timing is perfect when Laurie gets there?

8. Where does he keep his sister’s tombstone the whole time?

9. Why does he take the time to cut holes in the sheet after killing Bob?

10. Why does he put Bob’s glasses on over the sheet?

11. Why was that even his go to plan after killing Bob? Did he have other plans that he vetoed? What was his thought process with that one? Just to go with the weirdest goddamn thing he could think of? Nailed it.

12. How did Michael learn how to drive? Did they teach him that in the mental ward? Dude was only six when he entered there.

13. Really, though, why is there a jack-o-lantern DIRECTLY next to the bed where Bob and Lynda have sex? Not only is it creepy, but it’s a major fire hazard.

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