90s Flashback: Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

Whenever I want a good laugh, I turn to this film. Directed by David Mirkin and starring Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion is a comedy about two friends who come to the conclusion that they haven’t amounted to much since high school, just before they are about to attend their ten year reunion. We see their lives now, and get a glimpse at what their lives were, and even get a dream reality that’s pretty funny.

The performances in this film are all spot on. Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino play off each other well, portraying a convincing co-dependent friendship. For the most part, these women are not pitted against each other. Yes, they get into a fight once, but throughout the film a strong female relationship is shown and that’s refreshing.

Alan Cumming is a treasure. His comedic timing in this film is spot-on.

Image result for romy and michele's high school reunion heather mooney gifSpeaking of spot-on comedic timing, Janeane Garofalo gives one of the funniest performances of her career in this movie. Her character, Heather Mooney, has so many one liners that are just pure gold, all delivered perfectly.


The fun thing about this film is that it’s a good blend of not only the decade that it was released, but also of the 1980s. It’s a perfect mash-up of both decades, from the costumes to the makeup and even to the lingo used.

I know this post is short, but the main thing that I have to say about this film is that I think it is hilarious. If somebody tells me that they haven’t seen it, I waste no time in sitting them down and having them watch Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.

Also, I need to mention that one of my very best friends is exactly like Heather Mooney and it is wonderful.






Related imageHonorable mention to young Justin Theroux as Clarence, the not so “brain dead, redneck ass hole”.


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