Walt Disney Studios and Remakes: Has Their Creative Team Given Up?

It was announced yesterday that Disney would be remaking some 20th Century Fox properties for it’s upcoming streaming service, Disney+. The lucky 4 (or unlucky, depending) properties that are to be revamped are: Home Alone, Night at the Museum, Cheaper by the Dozen, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. This news comes shortly after the news that Disney is stopping all film development at Fox in order to focus on strategy, as Disney stock dropped and Q3 2019 earnings were missed due to the poor performance of 20th Century Fox films at the box office this year.

And, as we all know, their streaming service isn’t the only place where they are focusing on remakes. For the most part, any live action film the Walt Disney Company has coming out in the next couple of years, is a rehash of an animated classic. It makes me wonder, how long will this last?

I’m worried it will last years and years. They have enough material. The frustrating part is that, any remake done using CGI is them literally making the same film over again, just with a different kind of animation.

I’m just sick of them either rehashing their own films, making sequels to previously released films, and making films based around their rides (looking at you, Jungle Cruise). I yearn for their creativity during the decade of the 90s. Yes, most of the animated films were based off of existing work. But Disney made them their own. Now they’re just making films based off their own work. All that tells me is that they’ve run out of ideas.

Please, I beg of you, hire some people with original ideas. Green light those stories. Make those movies.

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