Saint Maud (2021)

Anytime that I see that A24 has anything to do with a film, I automatically have high expectations, especially when it comes to horror films. Saint Maud is the most recent horror film in the companies distribution lineup, and has finally become available to watch, after it’s opening schedule in the United States was affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. My expectations were met with Saint Maud, a chillingly eerieImage result for saint maud film written and directed by Rose Glass.

Starring Morfydd Clark as the titular character, Saint Maud follows Maud, a hospice nurse and newly found devout Roman Catholic, as she becomes more and more obsessed with her patient, Amanda (played by Jennifer Ehle). Maud is determined to save Amanda’s soul before she passes. And, while becoming consumed by that obsession, her own insecurities and her own past come back to haunt her.

Saint Maud is visually stunning. So many shots in the film create unease in the viewer and gives us a look into the mind of our main character. The lighting is also worth mentioning here because it is used to greatly enhance certain shots, making the scenes eerier. Rose Glass had a distinct look in mind for this film, and she executed it perfectly. This is made even more impressive by the fact that Saint Maud is Glass’s first feature.

Image result for saint maudBoth Morfydd Clark and Jennifer Ehle gave solid performances in this film. I fully believed each actress was their character. They sold it so well. Morfydd, in particular, does well as she keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat the entire time, between just doing mundane things and being seemingly unhinged.

I do hope that we get to see more from Rose Glass in the coming years, both in directing and writing, as Saint Maud and the reality of the central character has remained with me now, hours after viewing the film.

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